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Questions and Answers

With the Frequently Asked Questions we are trying to give answers to many of the questions that we have been asked along the years. If you do not find your answer here, please, feel free to contact us. All inquiries regarding our products are welcome!

1. Why Do I Need the Best Cotton Thread?

 A: Only long-staple cotton threads have the necessary strength required by high-speed machines.
This is why Valdani threads are made out of the finest quality of long-staple Egyptian cotton.

2. Why Do I Need Hand-Dyed Threads?

 Many of you must have noticed and got frustrated with the definite lines between colors... on top of your quilt!  - where else?...
This comes from the abrupt color transition of variegated machine-dyed threads, as muchl as from the mono-chromatic color sections.
With hand-dyed threads, the smooth color transition and rich shading within each color section give you the beauty of painted-thread, highly contributing to the artistic quality of your project.

Valdani threads are ALL minutely hand-dyed  in over 450 rich colors, through an artisan process of true craftsmanship and Art.

3. Why Do I Need Colorfast Threads?

It happens over and over again!...You hardly finish a project after countless hours of work and the first wash ruins it!...This is true for most machine-dyed threads and ALL hand-dyed ones. EXCEPT for Valdani!
We are very proud to be the only manufacturer who creates Hand-Dyed threads that are 100% GUARANTEED COLORFAST!
In ALL colors! ALL variegates, solids and overdyes!          

4. Are Dye-Lots Identical?

The Valdani threads are Hand-Dyed; even the solid colors. This means that there is much less control of the color than with machine-dyed / industrially-dyed threads. Unfortunately not even the latter can boast 100% identical dye-lots; far from that!
At Valdani our dyers are making huge efforts to identically repeat the shade from batch to batch.  This is not technically possible, as it depends upon uncontrollable factors. Thanks to expensive procedures though, we can confidently assert that our threads have the best color consistency compared with the other Hand-Dyed threads on the market.

5. What Uncontrollable Factors Influence the Color Outcome?

The dyeing process, especially the Hand-Dyeing one, is influenced by many uncontrollable factors. Among the most important of these factors we need to mention:

  • the shade of the raw material/ cotton - depends upon the respective harvest in a rainy or dry year.
  • the quality of the cotton - there can be differences in quality between different harvests of the same type of cotton.
  • what the weather is like while the respective dye-lot is being made - a rainier day will make the color different from the one achieved on a sunny day.
  • the temperature outside (see above).
6. What Thread Weight Should I Use?
What thread weight should I use?

"Quilting/Sewing" Weights

Our 60wt.
thread is equivalent to  regular sewing thread.
It is excellent for piecing, sewing, machine embroidery (with the software your machine comes with), bobbin work, machine lace-making, scrap-book stitching.

Our 50wt. is slightly heavier than regular sewing thread. Excellent for piecing, sewing, beautiful in quilting when you do not want too heavy a thread.

Our 40wt.  ( The CottonLook Poly) is slightly heavier tha our 50wt., great for quilting, stitching, heavy-duty sewing.

Our 35wt.
is a highly decorative quilting thread, for both machine and hand. This is by far the most popular quilting thread when you want the thread to really enhance the beauty of the quilt.

Our Pearl Cotton size 12 is one of the most decorative thread we manufacture that you can put both on top and in the bobbin of your machine with most beautiful results. Excellent for machine and hand quilting, machine and hand embroidery, hardanger, decorative stitching, needle punching, crochet, miniature knitting, tassel and fringe-making.

Our Pearl Cotton size 8 is a heavier thread, highly decorative, that you can use in machine and hand couching, hand embroidery, hardanger, decorative stitching, needle punching, crochet, tassel and fringe-making.
Note: our Pearl Cottons are slightly heavier than DMC in the same size.

"Machine Embroidery" Weights

Our 40wt. rayons and polyesters are the regular machine embroidery threads that you use with the software your machine comes with.
Excellent for machine embroidery.

Our 80wt. Unique Twist is a fine thread, excellent for high-density machine embroidery. You use the software your machine comes with.

7. Is My Bobbin to Blame for Broken Threads?

Read about Janni White 's amazing discovery:

"Long Arm Quilting Machines:

Broken threads, stress and disgusted but happy!

For more than a year, I would go through periods of total disgust and stress over inconsistent thread tensions, backlash and broken thread. I would make an adjustment and when I changed bobbins things would go haywire!! I tried every imagined process and was still inconsistent in my tensions and broken thread. I became convinced that the problem was confined mainly in the bobbin case some how. I tried everything I could think of. Without boring you with all the trial and errors, I just mention a few conclusions that I came up with.

(1) Most of my problems came after changing a bobbin!!
(2) A lot of my problems were associated with needles other than Schmitz.
(3) Many problems were associated with the method in which the bobbins were wound.
(4) The main problem was the fact that not all my bobbins were the same thickness!!!!!
(5) The bobbin case spring was inadequate for the variations in bobbin thickness thus BACKLASH and lo & behold, guess what, broken threads. I tried various methods including the STAR washer for the large bobbins and got the same results. I used a piece of batting behind the spring this method seem to work well until I unknowingly inserted a thin bobbin and again the backlash and broken thread began with a bobbin change.
(6) The bobbin winder did not wind a good bobbin the tension and spool centers were too close, only 8 inches. (The 930 Bernina has 11 inch centers and winds a perfect bobbin in the slow speed.) The variable speed was also a problem in that it was difficult to maintain a constant and this changes the consistency of wraps on the bobbin. When the full bobbin disengage apparatus puts pressure on the thread as the diameter of the thread increases, this also affects the thread wraps and may cause backlash in the bobbin case.

As you can see my efforts concentrated around the BOBBIN.

OK what did I do to correct MY problem? Please note, all my changes have worked for me and if you are not having a problem may I suggest ?don?t mess with it, if it ain?t broken?.

(A) I replaced my bobbin winder apparatus with one that has a 10 inch spool to tension discs centers. I added a constant variable motor switch. I run the motor as a somewhat slow speed and get perfect bobbins. I disengage the full spool manually.
(B) I have a 1-inch dial micrometer and I measured all my (aluminum) Bobbins.
I put them into 2 categories one thick and one thin. I use the thick ones. The thin ones range up to .012 thinner than the thick ones.
(C) I discarded the bobbin case spring and use a self made thin washer that prevents backlash and my thread tensions remain constant, except for a single turn on top tension one way or the other depending on the size thread I am using.
(D) I purchased a 7gal air tank that I keep filled via my outside compressor.
This setup with flex hose and nozzle is handy when cleaning the hook area and needle clamp area of fuzz! Also cleans the rails nicely.
I have been using this method for a month now and just changed my fiber cloth washer for the first time. Never have I been so pleased with the success. No broken threads, no missed stitches. I feel confident when the machine sound changes it?s not the broken thread but an empty bobbin! If you want more detailed info you can e mail or phone me @ (541) 271-4807 it?s all free.

Having Fun
Happy Quilter
A-1 owners, Wayne & Janni http://www.janniquilt.com "
8. My Thread Is Breaking. What Can I Do?
1. Have someone else watch the thread path as you sew...sometimes a person can spot the problem area, but not unless the machine is going....

2. Change back to a thread you used successfully before that did not break, using a sample piece (with the same weight batting, if you are quilting). If it still breaks, look at the tension adjustment check spring.
- For Longarmers: check the "arm", it should be at 10:30 o'clock (halfway between 9:00 and 12:00on a clock). -

3. Try rotating the needle a tad to the right so the thread enters the needle hole at a better angle. The edge of the needle hole may be abrasing the thread and building up a pile of "lint" that won't go through the hole, so it breaks.

4. ...sometimes when quilting the fabric is too tight. You need a little bit of bounce in the quilt top and backing. If it is too tight it will break your thread.

5.- For Longarmers: "I found that I fought with my machine for about 4 weeks, until I got the handle on how to touch her. She beat me into submission. It does get better. The intermitent tensioner on the Gammill is about the most frustrating thing I have ever encountered, because it only takes an eigth of a twist one way or another and all h... breaks loose. I would try threading the machine differently through the three-hole thing and don't be afraid to adjust the tension on the bobbin. In order to get mine to work with the kind of stitch that I like my bobbin tension is a lot looser than normal. Everyone's machine is different from the next, what works on might be completely opposite on another."

6. - For Longarmers: "When I first got my machine I had the same problem. My top tension just needed to be too tight to get a balanced stitch so I loosened my bobbin tension to where the bobbin will literally drop to the floor if I let go of the thread. This is looser than A1 recommends (and other manufacturers as well), but for me and my machine it works best. Then, you can loosen your top tension up and still have a balanced stitch." -A-1 owners, Wayne & Janni http://www.janniquilt.com "
9. My Thread Is Leaving Too Much Lint...
Try changing to a bigger size needle to diminish friction. An embroidery needle works best.
Fabulous Threads


I just wanted to tell you how much I like your thread. I am part of the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI.org). Since the quilts are small I have been able to try many new threads and a variety of techniques. I needed a specific color of thread and I was in a hurry. I purchased a spool of your variegated rayon thread. I had never tried it before but will definitely be using it in the future. I have attached a picture which I hope will do justice to your thread. I am looking forward to trying some of your other threads.

I am currently the chairman of our local quilt guild, the Chino Valley Quilter's, and have been pleased to share my thread experiences with my guild. I also teach machine quilting classes and am looking forward to sharing new information with my students. I look forward to trying many of your other threads in the future.


Susan Gates-Harms
Susan Gates-Harm
(Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative, Chino Valley)
Love Working with Three Strand

I have completed my first punch needle project using the Valdani 3 strand floss, and it turned out beautifully! Now I see the wonderful advantage of the continuous ball of floss and not having to separate the threads!

Thanks again,

Martha Walker

Wagons West Designs

Phoenix, Arizona

Martha Walker
(Wagons West Designs, 1)
Félicitations pour la qualité de vos fils et les coloris

Merci beaucoup pour votre aide! Je suis rassurée et tellement pressée de recevoir les nouveaux coloris que j'ai commandé! Je les voulais tous!!!

Mon livre avance bien, je vous tiendrai au courrant et je vous en enverrai un exemplaire, dès sa parution, qui est prévue pour début novembre 2013.

Merci encore et félicitations pour la qualité de vos fils et les coloris.

Cendrine Armani - Designer, Author
(Cendrine Armani Studio, France)
"...This is the best thread on the market!!! Love it!"
Doris Myers Scanlon
(on Facebook / Valdani Threads)
Your Wool Was the Best!

Well I finally dyed my wool sample you gave me and I love it! I’m using this wool for my classes next year in VA and GA, and so I need to get some for my classes. I used the Tsukineko inks and your wool dyed beautifully! I tried several different samples of wools, and yours was definitely the best. Thank you so much for providing us designers with such great product!


Warm regards,

Vickie Clontz

Email: annieskeepsakes@carolina.rr.com

Vickie Clonz - Owner, Designer, Author
(Annie's Keepsakes, North Carolina)
Love Valdani Threads
I wanted to let you know I received my three packages of my "Spring from Notforgotten Farm" designer thread collections…and I LOVE them!
I am in the process of putting final touches on a few new designs, and will email you over the photos of the finished models.
I also wanted to say that I will be putting a direct link to the Valdani website on my blog sidebar, to direct folks to your website where they can place their orders :)

So very happy to be working with Valdani!

Lori from
Lori Brechlin - Owner/Designer
(Notforgotten Farms)
I am so glad that you offer your wonderful threads through US distributors.
Yes I do love your Valdani threads and have been regularly ordering them through a US distributor. I was excited to find the US distributor as it made it much more cost effective in shipping costs as well as I am able to receive the threads within just a few days since they do not have to travel through customs.  I am so glad that you offer your wonderful threads through US distributors.
Thank you again.
Nutmeg Hare/Trudy Egelstad
Valdani Gorgeous Silks

Can't wait to get in these gorgeous silks! This really is my favorite thread to tat with- it's exquisite!!!

Rachel Colvin Jackson - Designer Artist
(Ruston, LA, USA)
Valdani is awesome

This student just wrote to me: "I have some Valdani. I ordered the samplers on your website and then bought some more Valdani. I only have a few Valdani but know that I want to collect the entire collection. I'll have to buy a few spools with every paycheck until I have them all. I definately know I will be making more Stupendeous Stitching project. I'm hooked. I am working on my hand stitching now and will post when I finish. Thank you for teaching this class - I've enjoyed every minute. You are awesome...."

Carol Ann Waugh, Artist
(Denver, CO, USA)
I Love Valdani Threads

I love Valdani threads, especially since I stitch very heavily..The texture and quality of the threads are fantastic!

Teresa Shippy - Designer/Teacher - www.teresashippy.com
(California, USA)
Love the Threads

I purchased the Muddy Monet pearl cotton pack at the Spring Market 2012 and I have recently used it with a number of embroidery projects:

Love, loving it..
Just a note of thanks for such a fabulous product!
Kind regards,
Jennifer Rodriguez
Jennifer Rodriques
(All Things Belle)
Valdani is a life saver, I thank you so much!

I have many designs for large wall size needlepunch & I'm so thrilled that I can now do them. Valdani is a life saver & I can enjoy my stitching once again. As well, these threads are terrific on wool felt & cross-stitch. I can't thank you enough. I am sure that there are numerous needlepunchers out there that don't know about this 3-strand floss. I sure hope that you are going to continue selling this (now that I found you) & I'm going to let all my friends know about this floss & Valdani. I thank you so much!

Gloria Bosa
(BC, Canada)
You are wonderful!

You are wonderful!

Thanks you so much! I stitch all my wool projects with your threads and I just love them!  Your link will help me choose and order more of your fantastic colors.



Jan Reliford
Thank you for offering an excellent product
Thank you for checking into my order.  It arrived yesterday, March 23, 2012.  Seeing the Valdani colors in my sewing studio in full spectrum light at night was exciting.  Seeing the same colors in full, bright sunshine today was even more thrilling.  Some days it is the little things that please our hearts most.
I am eager to include these new colors into the wool applique projects, garment projects, and cotton applique art pieces that I so love to do.  Thank you for offering an excellent product with which I can concentrate on the design and stitching because you have produced the right fiber that behaves while I stitch.
Lynne Gibson
(Washington MI)

"Thanks, your thread is far and above beyond all others in quality! Exquisite!!"

Jeanne Bessette
"I have been selling the Three-Stranded Floss with great success..."

"Valdani has designed and created the new 3-Strand Floss balls and spools, named “Three-Strand Floss®. It was introduced in early 2006. This new product was created in response to the punch needle market’s needs for designer and consumers. The was no product in our market like this before. We have extensively marketed and sold this beautiful product ever since it was introduced, as “Three-Stranded Floss”. We sell this product at Trade Shows, Festivals, to designers, in classes, magazines, books, and at our store. Customers really love this product and we sell a lot of it. All of my customers know that this thread is produced by Valdani. Many on them identify it with the company itself, calling it “the three-strand floss company”.

Lisa Bongean - Shop Owner, Designer, Teacher
Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop, WI, USA)
"I'm in Love!"

Well you were right, I do love the silks. I couldn't resist diving in and playing with them to see how they stitch and they are amazing.
This week I'll be setting about coming up with some new designs to use these colours in - they are absolutely fantastic. I was most impressed by how effortlessly they stitch up - there was no fraying, knotting or tangling to speak of and I'm excited to have found these! I'll be watching the website closely for new additions!

Nicole Dostal - Designer
(Northern Expressions Needlework, Ontario, Canada)
"Favorite Things: Valdani Hand Dyed Variegated Threads"

"I discovered Valdani Hand Dyed Threads about a year ago, when I was working on my Paisley Pavane quilt. I absolutely love them! They really are hand-dyed though I can’t imagine how they go about doing that without losing their minds. I mean, hand dyed fabric is one thing, but thread? Anyway, Valdani is a cotton thread, and it comes in two weights and a pretty large assortment of colors. Variegated thread adds such a wonderful touch to quilts, and cotton thread is so much easier to work with than rayon.The Valdani threads have very short color sections compared to other variegated threads on the market (Signature Thread’s King Tut line of variegated threads has pretty short color sections, but they are not hand-dyed). You get some wonderful dimensional effects with these threads when used for quilting. Beware: variegated threads are addicting, just like fat quarter bundles. The colors are all so pretty, you can’t stop with just one spool."

Nadine Ruggles - Designer, Teacher
Dreamweaver Quilts, Germany)
"...my customers are loving it!"

I wanted to let you know how much I LOVE using Valdani 3-strand floss and how much my customers are loving it! I have been offering a free pattern each month on my website. I put together 12 balls of floss for the entire year and I just sold my last kit! That was 20 kits already sold at the beginning of March!
I'm very proud to say I use Valdani exclusively in all my designs. Thank you very much for such a lovely product.


Michelle May - Designer, Shop Owner
(The Raspberry Rabbits, NC, USA)
....your pearl cottons, they are the best!

Love your pearl cottons, they are the best!

Cheryl Hackett - Shop Owner
(http://www.simplysouthernquilts.com Simply Southern Quilts and Gifts, TN)
...your Valdani threads add a wonderful look and feel to my art work...

I'm really happy the way your Valdani threads add a wonderful look and feel to my artwork.. I tend to stitch heavily, especially working with my portrait pieces. I'm very pleased with the results.

Love these threads for my artwork! The best. - Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Valdani-Threads

Teresa Shippy - Artist, Designer, Teacher tsquilts@sbcglobal.net
(Teresa Shippy - www.teresashippy.com, Santa Ana, California)
"...delighted to use Valdani..."

I am so delighted to be using Valdani threads in my work!

Michelle May - Designer
(The Raspberry Rabbits, NC, USA)
"...the Valdani tension was the best."

"I was looking closely at my quilts the other day and of all the threads I used in them, the Valdani tension was the best (35wt cotton with a 40/2 poly in the bobbin). No loopies or railroad tracks and the thread didn't break once! I'm really looking forward to receiving my purchase. I'm going to have so much fun!"

Caroline Berch
(Caroline Quilts, ON, Canada)
"Les fils Valdani sont idéaux..."

Les fils Valdani sont idéaux pour les applications en laine ou en feutrine, pour le quilting et pour la broderie. Certains fils sont unis, d’autres changent de couleur. Toutes les couleurs de Valdani sont garanties grand teint.

T. D.
(‘t DREEFHUYS, Belgium)
"Valdani is known worldwide as the Three-Strand Floss Company"

"As a designer, I created two color lines, Vintage Hues and Muddy Monet for Valdani.In preparation for the 2005 Market, I conducted a survey of both stitchery designers and consumers to determine if there was market for 3-strand floss. Specifically: “Would designers and consumers welcome the first product change in a century?” The response was a resounding yes!
In 2006, Three Strand Floss® was introduced to the US Market. As a designer, I am responsible for 2 color collections that are part of Three Strand Floss. As a result of the introduction, Valdani is now known worldwide as the Three Strand Floss Company."

Jacqueline Paton - Designer, Teacher
(Jacqueline Paton's Designs, NH, USA)
Thank you for the excellent service, it is greatly appreciated.

Good Evening,
Just a note to let you know that I just received my thread order. I was very pleasantly surprised to receive my order so quickly. The thread colours are gorgeous and I am looking forward to using them. Thank you for the excellent service, it is greatly appreciated.

Shannon Colbow - Designer, Owner
(Wild Card Design Studio, Pangman, SK, Canada)
"I love the colors of Valdani..."

“ I love the colors of Valdani 3 strand colorfast balls of threads.  They have enhanced my designs beautifully.”

Karen Kluba - Designer
(Rosewood Manor, IN)
"I do love my Valdani threads."

Can't wait to add my newest Valdani threads to my current wool project!!!  I do love my Valdani threads. Attachment is view of a Spargo pattern that has loads and loads of Valdani on it.SueSaprgo_LindaOstroff

Linda Ostroff
(Mill Creek, WA)
From Negative to Positive

Dear Daniela, 
Quite a while ago I took advantage of a sale you had on your large cones of cotton thread.  I purchased a large number of them because I am a longarmer and I wanted to have a variety of colors to offer my clients.  Someone called me for a follow-up, (you?). 
At the time, I was having a multitude of problems with the thread running in my Nolting Pro 24.  Breaking and shredding.  So all in all I was not, as they say, a happy camper.
So here is the update.... I decided to really take a look at what I was doing with an analytical mind.  I'm happy to report the problem was mine and the nemesis .... the"tension"... 
I felt I owed you an apology and a reversal of my former comments.  I now love the thread... it sinks in and sits up so beautifully that it has become my thread of choice.  I do apologize for the negative rating I gave it at first, which for your information, I did keep to myself .... I do not enjoy the "negative" bloggers. 
 I will be going to your web site to see the New Designer Colors! 
Apologies and Thanks,
Sew Easy To Quilt
Nancy Soles Fishpaw
Wimauma, Fl.

Nancy S.
(Sew Easy to Quilt, Florida, USA)