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If you want to obtain the absolutely Highest-Quality Wool on the market, HAUTE-COUTURE grade, here it is: Pure Australian Virgin Wool. Worsted. It comes in  Black (colorfast) and Ivory/Natural (to use as such or hand-dye). Its specs are: - Width: 58.2" to 59.4" (148cm to 151cm).
- Thick for enhanced 3-D Effect. Weight: 8.6 oz to 9 oz / square yard.
- Perfect Dimensional Stability: Doesn't lose shape.
- Excellent Draping.
- No pilling: High Friction Resistance.
The density of the weave guarantees longevity to your hooked rugs, wool appliqué, penny works, garments and artisan sewing. It comes with a CERTIFICATE of QUALITY. Minimum wholesale order is $80 (+ shipping and handling).
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