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Quilting & Sewing Cotton Spools Collections

Beautiful collections and assortments give you a rich color palette. Choose the type of thread you need in a multi-color package, designers collections and more...

  • 60wt - For: Sewing, Embroidery, Appliqué, Tatting. Comes in 1080 yard and 273 yard spools.
  • 50wt - For: Fine Quilting, Stitching, Sewing. Comes in 540 yard (variegated) and 273 yard (solid) spools.
  • 35wt - For: Quilting, Stitching. Comes in 540 yard (variegated) and 273 yard (solid) spools.
    OBS! Our thread weights correspond to the US weights as follows: Valdani 50wt=40wt US, Valdani 35wt.=24wt.US, Valdani 60wt= 40wt. US

    Minimum wholesale order is $80 (+ shipping and handling).


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9. Wonderful Assortment Solids
10. Heirloom- European Designer Collection
11. Muddy Monet by Jacqueline Paton
12. Vintage Hues Sampler for Jacqueline Paton
13. Pastels
14. Autumn Inspirations
15. Vero&Lizzy- Born to Quilt- Designer: Veronique Requena
16. Artist Palette
17. Halloween
17. The Seasons- Autumn
18. The Seasons- Winter
19. The Seasons- Spring
20. The Seasons- Summer
21. Evening Sky
22. Grain Fields
Elixir Collection
Essentials #1 by Pacth Abilities: Designer Julie Wurzer
Monarch Collection
Valdani Cotton Thread Color Chart- 197 Colors (161 Variegated and 36 Solid Shades)
9. Wonderful Assortment Solids

Colors may differ as per in stock availability

60wt. 250m x 20pcs @ €86.10
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